Monday, June 12, 2017

About my Website

Final Project               My website is all about Corgis. There is information about how to care for one, and there is a list of dogs on one page that shows what dogs are available right now, along with their name and descriptions. The links in the toolbar bring you to websites to adopt more corgis and give more information about the breed itself.
              My website turned out pretty good. The first thing I did was create the logo for my website, and I chose the color scheme based off of that picture. There was grass in the picture so I chose green for the color scheme. Then I started searching pictures to add to my website, and I saved a bunch of images to add to my website. I started off my first page with a few images and I described the website and what you will find on it. I gave contact information and the kind of things you will find on the website on other pages.
               The second page is a page showing some of the puppies that are up for adoption followed by a little description. The third page tells you how to care for a corgi, and the fourth page is a small gift shop page that shows some of the items you can purchase at the store.
              I included links to other websites about corgis, like more detailed information, and videos of corgis.
              I struggled with the setup a little bit. I couldn't quite figure out how to change the place where the image goes. I eventually figured it out i just had to try a bunch of different things.
             I would change some of my descriptions because they are a little weird, and my color scheme could have been better. Overall, I am very satisfied with my website.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Photoshop picture on picture

Image result for cool landscape backgrounds hdThis is the original picture I used for my Photoshop.

This is my photo shopped picture. I decided to put shrek on this pretty landscape picture because it is unique and nobody else thought of it. I messed up with the cutting for shrek but i'll get better as I keep doing it.